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Welcome to this new blog, a chance for me to keep people updated with what is going on from the inside at Wealdstone FC.

Firstly a big thank you to Matt. We really appreciate anyone coming forward and we are delighted the Hill family, and Matt in particular, are getting so involved with the Club. Now the GCSEs are over I am sure we will see lots happening to the site so that we will continue to have a club website we are proud of. I should pay tribute to Roger who did such a great job building this site up over so many years.

So some of you may be wondering what is a blog? Click here and you can see how Wikipedia defines a blog. There are some incredible statistics around as well, with some estimating that 100 million people now regularly maintain blogs – and over 200 million people have started them and let them lapse. Not sure how much blogging has hit the non league fraternity yet, though as many know the world of on line message boards and forums seem to be flourishing!

I’d also like to congratulate Terry for getting his site up and running and establishing the Wealdstone FC Supporter’s forum (some interesting reading there already!) and also Dave Albert who is now ensuring the Supporters Club website is maintained and looking good. Incidentally I’d like to congratulate the Supporters Club on reaching their 50th anniversary this coming season – plenty more about that in due course.

The purpose of this blog is about communicating and inviting comment. I will try and post regularly and let you know what is going on from inside the Club. There may be some stuff we can’t talk about or other things we don’t want to discuss in public but we will try and keep these to a minimum. You are welcome to comment though through the blog and any specific questions can be emailed to me separately. No doubt discussions will continue through the aforementioned WFC forum.

I’ve realised though reading some of the stuff on mailing lists and the forum that it is pointless answering every rumour, responding to every comment or panicking at every criticism. All I can promise you is that we will try and get news to you as soon as we can, through the official website and backed up by this blog or the clubcall line (09062 892011).

Becoming Chairman gives you a rare opportunity to see across the whole of the club. It is a view that few have and it makes you realise just how many people are involved in keeping everything together – all of them in their own way working towards delivering a club that wins games on a Saturday. For example there is the excellent work being done by those involved with our Juniors with the reappearance of the Mini League recently to a revitalized Supporters Club determined to ask questions of the council to the management team who have worked tirelessly through the summer to bring in some quality players, or to everyone involved in trying to make the forthcoming Watford game a success.

It is a fact that even though there may be a little more money available to Gordon than in recent years we are still being regularly outbid, even by clubs below us in the pyramid. Same old story really and nothing much will change, for as long as so many clubs continue to spend silly money chasing glory and players can continue to get away with receiving (in some cases) daft wages.

This year we hope to see more continuity though on the field and we all want to see the young players who did so well for us during the second half of last season continue to develop and play an increasingly influential role for us.

More about the Watford friendly in a future posting – but this is a big focus for us right now and an important opportunity to develop our relationship with Watford as well as make some money. If anyone would like to take a poster or can sell some tickets then they should let either Peter or me know.

One thing about blogs is they are meant to be fairly short – and regular. That is my intention. So until next time…

Published by: howie

Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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