Cup draws

The joys of working away from home and having no internet connection – good for blogging!

A quick comment on the Cup Draws. Couldn’t really have asked for more, FA Cup 1st Qual at home against clubs at least one division below, Waltham Forest who have had an excellent youth scheme over the last couple of years or Halstead who we know very little about. The Trophy game will be away but could also have been worse, throwing up as it does 1-2 interesting possibilities. The Leighton game would be a repeat of the same stage last year where it nearly proved a banana skin. They were gutted when Deano scored the last minute equalizer, and although we won the replay by a decent margin the game was far from comfortable as I remember. I was impressed by the Leighton staff, including manager Keith Scott as well as our old friend Brian McCarthy. Molesey on the other hand is also interesting, seeing how Stevie Beeks, the head coach of our youth players at Stanmore was manager there last year.

Also interesting was the FA Youth Cup draw where we will return to Preston Park to play our hosts for the Watford friendly Harefield United. Let’s hope that competitive meeting comes off the back of a great day two weeks tomorrow!


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