How many will turn up?

I’ve just returned from David Lloyd’s office. David and his partner have kindly agreed to sponsor the distribution of 30,000 leaflets being sent out to households throughout the Watford area next week. These leaflets will advertise the Watford friendly as well as advertise McDonald and Lloyd.  So with posters going up all over the place, local papers carrying details of the game and even ads due in this and next weeks non league paper the big question is how many will turn up.

We are optimistic of course of getting a decent crowd. The elements are in place, remember over 1400 came to the Edgware friendly in 1999 and over 1000 went to the Northwood – Watford friendly last season, this is Watford’s first friendly of the season and it is well advertised on their website.  Harefield is in the heart of Watford territory and it is where they have their Academy based.

Is that enough of a positive spin? Could we have done much more to advertise the game?

So will we have thousands queuing down Breakspear Road or will the game be played in front of a nice crowd of say 500 (still far more than we will get for any other friendly).

What do you think?

Only 12 days until we find out.

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