Jermaine – will he or won’t he?

I guess I am one of many following the Jermaine Beckford/Leeds United story unfold with interest at present.

Will he or won’t he stay? According to this week’s Yorkshire Evening Post either remains possible. It appears that Leeds want Scunthorpe to up their bid and Nigel Adkins the Scunthorpe manager is considering his position. Meanwhile Jermaine impressed against York in Leeds’ last friendly and is with the Leeds squad in Germany at present.

So do we want him to move or not? On the one hand we need the money from any sell on now (as we will in the future) yet on the other hand a good season this year with Leeds should see his value increase. Then again one bad injury sustained now and nothing will happen. What do you think?

One thing is for sure we have absolutely no say in what happens and can only watch on from a distance – so we need to focus on how we can make money ourselves without relying on others. Tonight is a start – it is great the sun is out!

Incidentally Attic has some great photos of Jermaine on his Atticsnaps site.

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