Reflections on Wednesday night

24 hours on…

From my perspective the night was an outstanding success.  A good crowd (expect a figure confirmed today), great weather, a strong Watford team and relationships developed with our near neighbours and this cannot do any harm in the future.

Actually I didn’t see much of the game.  This seemed just as well 15 minutes in, the one thing we didn’t want was a massacre.  Whatever the score, whatever the performance let’s remember we were playing pretty much the full Watford team in our first proper run out and I am prepared to wager they won’t be far away from an immediate return to the Premiership come next May.

I was also very impressed with the Watford officials.  Their chairman Graham Simpson was just back from holiday that afternoon but came to the game and stayed until quite late with time for everyone.  Chris Bailey, their finance director, was a really nice chap and also attended even though he is joining Fulham FC in a fortnight.  Aidy Boothroyd was also exemplary – a nice guy and a credit to Watford Football Club.

Incidentally I noticed all the Watford players/officials calling Mr Simpson “chairman” and even saw some fans asking for his autograph.  Maybe I should demand a bit more formality!

Some of the post event coverage has been pretty good.  So far I’ve seen the Watford Observer (better coverage in the actual paper) and the Watford FC website as well as Attic’s usual photo coverage.  There will be plenty more.

While I think about it I should also thank Keith Ronald and everyone at Harefield.  They did their club proud.  The pitch looked great and their help with stewarding, catering and the bar was hugely appreciated.  We have agreed to play an extra friendly against them (date to be confirmed shortly) and we are also playing them in the FA Youth Cup.  A number of our people couldn’t believe how different Harefield looked from the last time we were there.

Most importantly we made some money, we showed we could cope with a big crowd (no queues, no overcrowding) and we developed our relationship with Watford.  So thanks to everyone that helped – it was all worth it.


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