Turning Japanese

it is funny what you get up to in this job.

I had a meeting yesterday evening with representatives from the Maeda Gakuen Group.  They are a group of Japanese organisations including a Japanese kindergarten, an independent prep school, an english langauge school and a sports club.

Their particular interest is in bringing over young Japanese players to be coached and learn from English clubs and they are keen to bring over two young players to train with us.  We are happy to help if we can and the meeting was to look at how it might work in practice.

I assumed the meeting would simply be with the contact I had, but it also included the Chairman of Maeda Gakuen, an English guy working with them and another guy taking pictures, including shots of the chairman (Mr Maeda) and myself shaking hands by the entrance to their building – which is fine but we haven’t done anything together yet.

As with everything we are keen to develop relationships with whoever we can.  I believe that that there is potential in any relationship to develop for mutual benefit so you need to invest in it.  Who knows where this will lead but if you see an influx of Japanese stars coming to play for us in a couple of years time you will know where it all started.

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