Pre-season means what it says

Easy to go overboard on the first two friendly results, 0-4 and 0-3.  But I don’t think they tell any real story.

Credit to Watford last week for putting out a full team in the first half.  Perhaps it should not be a surprise we were losing 3-0 so quickly.  I thought we battled well from that point.

On Saturday, in awful conditions for much of the time, we didn’t play too badly.  This was really the first time that many of these players have come together against opposition of a similar standard and with better finishing the scoreline would have been different.

Of course it would help if we had our strikers playing, but with Deano ill, Peter Dean (also Deano?) away and Ben at a wedding we were short up front.  We have been after a ‘big man’ all summer and aren’t stopping now but the money on offer elsewhere has tended to blow us out of the water.

Expect to see a few other players given a run out tomorrow at Edgware.  This is pre-season.  Results don’t matter – there are no prizes on offer before the season starts.  But we are interested to see how different individuals perform in different situations so the games are valuable.  Incidentally we are planning an open training session / meet the manager evening before the season starts so watch this space or the club website.

2 thoughts on “Pre-season means what it says”

  1. Do the club have a main sponsor this season? If not, have we approached Kodak considering they are Harrow’s largest employer? I’m surprised we haven’t done much with Kodak in the past, especially considering the excellent sports facilities they have. I’m sure it’s time they reached out to the local community, something they haven’t done since the days of the Kodak Theatre.

    Also, what SPAR? They have their head offices in Harrow

  2. Thanks Stone. I will update about what is happening commercially in the next day or so – so will answer your question then.

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