Who reads this?

One thing about doing a blog is you don’t really know who reads it.

So far I’ve had a grand total of 3 comments both from the same person on one player related issue early on, and a few verbal comments at the Watford and Hitchin games.

Yet I do have access to some stats that tell me that on the best day there were 223 views (7 June) – 89 so far today. These stats also tell me a bit about where people come from to get to the blog – largely from either the official Wealdstone website or Terry’s. But there are other interesting places. Following the post I wrote last week about my article with the Japanese School I have noticed a link into a very interesting site. If anyone can shed any light on this website then that would be great. How exciting would it be to see a Wealdstone supporters club develop in Japan! Pre-season tour anyone?

The other exciting find was that this blog is currently listed at number 90 in the Word Press ‘Growing Blogs‘ listings. Fame at last!  Mind you number 1 is called ‘Musings of an anonymous geek’ so maybe that says it all.

The thing is you should feel free to play your part in this too. The blog is set up to be an opportunity for me to provide information about what is going on at the club – but it is also your opportunity to get involved. I suspect having seen Grim’s posting on the WFC Forum that there may be some more traffic on here and I will write something about what we are doing commercially at present in the near future. But it is nice to know you are out there!

Published by: howie

Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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2 thoughts on “Who reads this?”

  1. Hi I would like to say that this new official Website is the best yet. I am an exiled Stone living in New Zealand. Which is why I thought you would be interested in hearing from me!. I last saw the boys at lower mead some years ago obviously but I follow all the results via the Internet. Keep up the good work. When next I return to the UK I am looking forward to Supporting the boys.

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