Good news on PEPF

We have released a news release with some good news on Prince Edward which should be up on the website shortly.

It is another step in the right direction but plenty of work still to be done.

Published by: howie

Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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One thought on “Good news on PEPF”

  1. Hi Howard!

    Interesting idea with a “chairman-blogg”! Will add it to my favourites!

    I’m a Barnet-fan from Sweden and I just wanted to congratulate to the good news about a new stadium/trainingground. Thinks this sounds like a brilliant solution for both Barnet FC and Wealdstone FC.

    Good luck with your hard work and I wish you a succesfull season 07/08!


    Jimmy Johansson
    Linkoping, Sweden

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