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Today’s issue:

Planning already well underway for the  AFC Wimbledon game on 21 August.

Fingers has been liaising with the police to determine what level of police cover we need.  The issue is this: there will be a sizeable crowd, there was some trouble at the last game between us at Chestnut Avenue and there are some threatening comments around on message boards and the like so we need to be prepared.

If the worse was to happen and there was trouble inside the ground and we had not put in place all likely precautions then we could be in big trouble.  Of course (and hopefully) we will take these precautions and the game will be a friendly, good natured and competitive encounter on and off the pitch – that will be great.

One thing we cannot rely on is our own stewards.  I am grateful for everyone who puts on a yellow jacket and does a stewarding job during matches.  However, the fun and games against Boreham Wood 3-4 years ago in the Cup shows what can happen when it all goes wrong and we should not be putting our own untrained people into that situation.

So what is the downside of all this?  Simply the cost.  To police the game in the way we have been advised won’t give us much change from £2,000.  Whether this is value or not it is a lot to spend on one game and certainly not money we have budgeted for.  However we do need to take precautions.

There may be other solutions, we are investigating.  Anyone got any good ideas?

2 thoughts on “ello ello ello”

  1. If the AFC fans know that the game is going to be fully policed maybe more of them would travel to the game therefore allowing the club to recoup some cost?

  2. I can only assume that those responsible for setting the Ryman league fixtures do not take account of potential “trouble” fixtures.
    An evening home game against AFC is inviting trouble. Even though it’s still summer, the game will finish in darkness, which will make crowd control more difficult. This fixture should be rescheduled to a Saturday or Sunday lunchtime kick off.

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