What do some people expect?

A weekend largely off football gaining some brownie points with my family this weekend.  After all not many free Saturday’s ahead.
I was going to post something about press coverage and PR tonight after seeing today’s NLP.  But after reading a thread on the WFC Forum I thought I might alter my comments somewhat.

I’m always interested in following what’s being said on the Wealdstone Forum.  I think it is a big improvement on the old mailing list; much easier to follow and interesting to see what is being said.  As Chairman I’m not going to post on there, though I know Wobs does from time to time, but with a combination of this blog, the club call line, the website and regular press releases I think there is enough coming out of the club to keep people appraised of what is going on.

So it was with some surprise and amusement I read the post about a supposed opportunity to ring in to Talksport earlier today.  One of the things we have worked hard on over the past couple of months is our communications and given the reaction (including unsolicited emails) from a large number of fans I think we are doing a pretty good job.

i think the list looks pretty respectable.  Press releases, the new look website, the blog (is there another like this in football -let alone non league, the ‘meet the manager’ evening we are planning, the increased coverage in the Watford Observer, the planned meeting with the editor of the Harrow Observer to bolster coverage etc etc.  Today I saw two Wealdstone stories in today’s Non League paper (and these are not the first two this summer).  One was a small paragraph (on P2!) about signing Chris Owens and the other was the result of an interview I gave to their journalist last week about PEPF which features on the front page of their Business Monthly insert under the headline “Stones roll to £11m stadium”.

Communications is something we take seriously which is why we appointed Nick Dugard to manage our press earlier this summer – and Nick is doing a grand job.  It is also important because if we get it right, we should increase interest and participation and generally create a more positive atmosphere around the club.

It is one of the interesting things of a forum that people can post anonymously as a ‘guest’.  So when one guest suggests a discussion on the subject of “why is Stones PR so shit?” I can only wonder what more we might do.

This is a comment I’ve heard for some years actually and I often wonder what more people expect.  Compared with most clubs at our level I bet we’ve achieved far more consistent coverage, in a range of papers and media.  Of course it helps to have something to say and in our situation when we haven’t had much to say about Prince Edward and the football has been pretty tough there is not much you want to say.

All this in a media world obsessed with the Premiership and not only that  but specifically the ‘big 4’ clubs so it makes doubly difficult to get decent coverage – even when you do have something to say.

Anyway I think the point of this is not to defend what we are doing.  I am happy that our communications are working pretty well.  If someone anonymously wants to suggest it is shit that is up to them.  All we can do is continue to communicate regularly putting in place the things we believe are right.

Of course if someone wants to have a proper discussion about what more we should be doing (and I’m not even asking for help here) then I’d be very happy to talk to them.  Mr Guest – please feel free to contact me or Nick and let us know where you think we are going wrong.

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