In case you were interested

I often wonder whether anyone really has much of an idea what goes on in running a football club.

To help this I thought it might be interesting to describe my day today.

After playing in, and recovering from five a side this morning, my Wealdstone day started with a 15 minute catch up with Gordon Bartlett, catching up on yesterday’s game and discussing finances and 1-2 other things. I think it is important that a Chairman and a Manager have a strong relationship. My relationship with GB has considerably changed (for the better) this summer and we speak nearly every day.

After that it was down to the hard work. Interspersed with a bit of time for my daughter Daisy, a quick bite to eat and a few snatched minutes with my wife (10pm-11) it was just about all club stuff today.

So what is it that we do? Well, in no particular order:

  • programme article for the AFC Wimbledon game
  • letter to a sponsor thanking them for their support (we’ll announce that shortly)
  • letters to 2 potential new sponsors building on initial conversations (with Paul Rumens and Nick Dugard respectively) trying to sell the club and persuade them to get involved with us
  • letters to 5 companies who have renewed programme adverts with us
  • details of those 5 companies so that Alan Couch can produce invoices and send them out
  • details of all our programme adverts so far for Martin Lacey so he can get them laid out into the programme
  • a letter plus the request for an invoice for someone who paid a goal bonus for Dean Papali last year
  • Peter Worby (and Pauline) coming over for 1 1/2 hours to go through a lot of stuff. Peter has been under pressure at work and away from his normal office for the last 3 weeks (and next 2) so this was a great chance to catch up on all sorts of things.
  • A note to the rest of the board on an important financial matter that we will be making public in due course
  • A 30 minute conversation with Nick Dugard discussing various press and commercial opportunities
  • A 20 minute conversation with Fingers about various things including the AFC Wimbledon and Hastings game preparations.
  • The odd glance at the WFC Forum
  • A flick through the Non League Paper and the new Non League Daily. I noticed Marvin scored a wonder goal for Woking on his debut.
  • …and finally (at midnight) this post. No wonder Katie isn’t too happy at present. And if you think this is a lot, then I promise you Fingers is doing this almost every day.

In my programme article I have listed all the people who have come forward to help us thus far this season. I am thrilled that so many ‘new’ people are getting involved. As you can see from this list of activities there is still plenty to do so please if you have some time and would like to get involved we definitely need you. It’d make my wife happy!



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Now no longer with my Wealdstone FC obligations so freed up to enjoy more horse racing. Aiming to blog daily on something that catches my eye, maybe the big race that day, maybe racing news, maybe something else. Please join the conversations

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