The right priorities?

Interesting reading the debate about paypal on the Forum.

Let me make one thing clear – I want paypal (or something similar).  I’ve said this since I took over.  It would have been great to have it for the Watford game, for season ticket sales, for share in the budget etc etc.  And we will have it soon enough.  But why the panic? why the immediate default reaction to criticise?

I hope regular readers have some idea by now that we have plenty on our plates running this club.  I believe we have achieved a great deal this pre-season, which I am proud of.  However even though we have recruited several people to take on a variety of roles we can’t do everything at once.  We are looking into paypal – and I hope we can have it in place fairly soon.

You might say having the ability to receive money is a priority.  It is.  Actually as I see it we only have 4 priorities:

  1. Finances / budgeting – getting this right is crucial and an announcement on this very soon
  2. Commercial / fund raising – doing OK here, resigning CAMS/Crossite is a great start, lots of other discussions ongoing and the best pre season for programme advertising for some time – masses more to do here though
  3. PEPF / the future – you know the last announcement and now we are planning how we go forward
  4. Running the club -masses to do here with the AFC and the Hastings games right ahead

So if we haven’t got paypal in so far then I’m terribly sorry.


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Chairman of Wealdstone FC since May 2007

One response to “The right priorities?

  1. Alan Hill


    Another possible task I could help with?

    Would the Club be content to use the existing FOW account to receive monies?

    Discuss on Sat/Tues



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