Nearly there now

Just back from Broadfields – the last night’s training before we get going where we put on a few drinks and sandwiches for the players.

Bad news first. We have injury problems, Deano and Carl both have hamstring problems and Chris O’Leary has an ankle problem. The first two are very doubtful. Add to these the suspended (and injured) James Gray and suspended Chris Owens and it is not the full squad we would have wished.

Good news is there is a good spirit, plenty of confidence and I think the best group we’ve had for some time.

Folkestone is a big game. They seem confident. We have a dreadful recent record there but no better time to change that than now.


Published by: howiejk

Now no longer with my Wealdstone FC obligations so freed up to enjoy more horse racing. Aiming to blog daily on something that catches my eye, maybe the big race that day, maybe racing news, maybe something else. Please join the conversations

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