AGMs will never be the same again

I mentioned on a previous post that we are making an appointment for someone to take on responsibility for the financial side of the Club.

Having advertised internally and externally we actually had three people come forward for the role of Treasurer, and as a result we are delighted to appoint Barry Benveniste to take the role on.

In sketching out what we wanted for this role we saw three priorities:

1 – responsibility for all aspects of our financial operations (working closely with the rest of the Board and the manager)

2 – budget / forecasting / accounts

3 – challenge all aspects of our financial issues and look to improve the processes we have (where we have them)

It will not be a quick job and there is much to do.  But I have spent already plenty of time with Barry already and I am very confident that over the coming months he will achieve important things for us in these 3 areas.
The real issue I suppose is who will ask the questions in the AGM in the future?


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