The night after the night before

Having got back late last night after the game and been out all day today this is the first occasion to jot down some thoughts after the AFC game.

First thing to say is how pleased I was with the way the evening went from an organisational perspective. Just as with the Watford game everything went smoothly and it shows we can cope with big crowds. It also shows us how much is involved and I know that Fingers particularly was knackered at the end – but his efforts in sorting out so much stuff should be recognised.

As 2 years ago I enjoyed meeting the AFC guys. I enjoyed a very interesting conversation with Eric Samuelson (who was pleasantly surprised about the lack of any requirement to wear a tie) about some of the silly money being paid by 1-2 of the Essex clubs in our league – suggestions of budgets over £10k a week. I think I’m able to mention (Eric told me the AFC budgets are all published) that to put last night’s game in perspective the AFC budget is nearly three times the size of ours.

I also entertained a friend Simon Johnson, who is Director for Corporate Affairs at the Football Association. Simon told me that 24 hours later (this evening) he was in charge of welcoming Gordon Brown, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Franz Beckenbauer to Wembley for the England-Germany game. Hopefully he enjoyed the cut and thrust of the Ryman League as much as sitting in the Royal Box, not to mention his journey home with Tim, Trevor and Jez.

Another good performance – what might have been if Jason Norville had marked his debut with a first minute goal instead of hitting the post? And when was the last time a Wealdstone team was applauded off the field after a home defeat?

I also enjoyed reading Terry Brown’s comments on the AFC website. I believe we are building more and more relationships with clubs at present and this is very important for the future.

Also some great pictures around.  As well as Attic’s we were also happy to welcome Jon Hall who took some lovely shots of the evening, really capturing the mood of a big game as well as the action.

Finally though after the dust has settled one is still left with some frustrations. We realise we still need bodies to help for so many things. Please please help – maybe to help get people to sponsor player goal and clean sheet sponsorships, maybe to help fill the kit grid. Let me know by email or on Saturday if you could help us – and help us maintain our momentum.

Two performances don’t make a season but we have set a standard. There is real optimism around the team – for the first time in some time, but let’s remember that if we want to keep improving it costs. And reread the third paragraph if you want to know what we are up against.


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3 thoughts on “The night after the night before”

  1. My view of one of the most important aspects of the arrangements differ from yours somewhat. I thought the decision not to segregate was a poor one and this was compounded by less than competent stewarding. Once again there was no policing of the walk from the station via the park on the way or the dark footpath on the way out. Thankfully, on this occasion, the fans restricted their rivalry to verbals.

    Most disappointing of all was two of the young stewards entering the tube at Northwood Hills loudly singing anti-Wimbledon songs!

    Having had my moan, I have to say it wasn’t all bad by any means. The barbecue and bar was most welcome, the programme and parking more than reasonable and the game itself worthy of the occasion.

    Wishing the Stones all the best and hoping to visit you at the new ground soon!

  2. Well it may not have been up to your “professional” standards but their seems to be a bit of arrogant disregard for football terrace etiquette by the Dons fans. Why do they think it’s a good idea to come into the end the Wealdstone are attacking and start banging a drum?
    Smacks of trying to rule the roost to me.

  3. I thought the match was generally well run and a good game to watch as well.

    Did I see though that the stewards were not allowing bottles of water into the ground? Not a big problem on a cold Tuesday night but if the game had been on Saturday (our summer apparently), that could be seen as a health issue – East Thurrock of course went to the opposite extreme, selling beer on the terraces. There must be a suitable compromise that restricts alcohol but does allow water into the ground.

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