Marching on

Well, ambling anyway.  But we’ll take that, (a clean sheet!) and hope for a good draw on Monday.

For me getting to the Third Qualifying is what you hope for. Clearly there won’t be any ‘easy’ ties now so further progress will be hard – though most welcome.

I thought today that whilst Carshalton did have a couple of chances during the second half on the whole we were in control and a bit more composure in front of goal would have given the scoreline a more comfortable look.  Good to see Steve Hughes on the bench, hopefully he will play some part on Tuesday night but I was sorry to see James Gray looking so forlorn after a setback on Thursday night in training.

Interesting looking at some of  comments on the Carshalton message board.  I think we can recognise their frustrations from our own experiences of recent seasons.  I thought that among the demands for the manager’s head this more restrained posting in particular was worth reading.

Let’s hope we don’t go back there in 4 weeks – I think that game coincides with the 4th qualifying round!


Guts when it was needed

At half time I did wonder what I might write tonight.  After all I promised honesty and that was the worst 45 minutes I have seen this season.

But credit to the team they showed real bottle in the second half and earned a good point and if Monty’s snick past the keeper had gone the other side of the post…

I thought Jomo was easily our best player tonight, probably having his best game for us.  But – and I know we keep banging on about it – we continue to be dogged by these crippling injuries.

How a club with our means can lose the likes of Carl Martin, Dean Papali, Steve Hughes, Ben Alexander and James Gray (I know he made the bench tonight) not to mention the suspended Chris O’Leary and still expect to be competitive is beyond me.  Will any of them be back on Saturday?  Don’t know but guys if you are reading this we need you.

Presentation tomorrow

I am looking forward to half time tomorrow night as the Supporters Club in the guise of new Chairman David Albert will be presenting the Club with a cheque for a most welcome four figure sum.
For me it is particularly pleasing that David is doing the presentation as he is one of my oldest friends at the Club.  Personal issues have somewhat curtailed David’s opportunities to see as much football as he used to but it is always a treat to see him and a regret that we have not managed to get together so far to discuss how WFCSC can play an increasingly active role within the Club.  That is something we must put right.

This year is  the Supporters Club’s 50th anniversary and I know there are plans for a big celebration at the end of the season.  This should a night to look forward to.

I believe the Supporters Club still have an important role to play within the Club and hopefully we will see this grow in years to come.  Tomorrow night is a great start.

Fame at last

Great to see the profile piece on Fingers in the new(ish) Non League Today paper yesterday, which if you missed you can read on the BBC Radio London Non League website. I know he would have been a bit embarrassed by it but it is just recognition for a true club stalwart.

We depend on people like Fingers, the Couch brothers, the Smith family, Andy Burrows, Peter John Baptiste and so on who go about their jobs quietly, efficiently and effectively. We tend not to mention these people too often but they are all stars (and no doubt many others I haven’t mentioned).

I understand we may be supplying another fans profile later in the season as well but sworn to secrecy on the identity for now.


Haven’t posted for a few days as the day job kicks in and then Yom Kippur wiped out yesterday.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty happening.  As well as all the calls and emails I got together with Gordon and Leo and Barry Benveniste on Thursday night.  Plenty more planned this week.

I’ve said it before that there is enough to do to justify a full time position – it is a frustration therefore that we cannot do as much as we would like to at times.  But we can only do what we can do.

Disappointment yesterday of course although again increased frustration not being at the game and not knowing what is going on.  So frustrations, frustrations – welcome to the world of football!

Incidentally I met the Chelsea Communications Director yesterday.  There’s someone who is full time and still hasn’t got enough hours in the day.

Former Stones director passes away

Got a call yesterday to let me know that former director and trustee Les Hobbs recently died.

Les was a very controversial character in his time at the club particularly around the time of the sale of Lower Mead.  No doubt many supporters, especially many of our older supporters will have memories of him.

We send our condolences to his family and friends.

It’s the result that matters

1-0 doesn’t sound great but it was fairly comfortable in the end and a clean sheet is always welcome.  And we’re in the next round!

Thanks to Dominic Whyley for sponsoring the game and promising to sponsor every home game in this year’s cup.  Let’s hope for home draws all the way to the first round then.  Thanks also to John Fairman for sponsoring next week’s game against Ramsgate.  You can find details of match sponsorship packages here and please feel free to come forward.

I wonder why the crowd (153) was so down on what we might have expected (250?).  A lovely day to spend with the family, lots of live football on tv?  I don’t know.  Interesting looking at other crowds that we are not alone on this.  Chelmsford got over 1400 for the game against us last week but today less than 800 saw them, Boreham Wood – Northwood only got 150, Hendon got only 128 at their home game against Aveley and Harrow Borough had 186 in their home defeat against Hitchin.

Any thoughts on why people don’t mind missing the FA Cup?

Makes you proud

Good to see Jermaine getting another two last night including another spectacular goal. Check them out here.

He seems on fire – much like he was for us in his last season with us 2 years ago. Long may it continue.

Jermaine’s reputation not surprisingly is growing and growing.  Have a look at this page on Facebook or this one (and there are other) or this website.

Remember where he came from!

Just shake your head and walk away

Here’s a funny one.

A few weeks ago we received a letter from the Southern League (yes the Southern League), telling us that we were going to be fined for non payment of an invoice relating to tickets we had to buy for their annual dinner – 4 tickets at a total cost of something like £180.

Fingers was straight on the phone informing the Southern League that we had not paid as we had not received this invoice.  It was duly resent and paid by return.  Matter closed?

Then today (something like 3-4 weeks from the previous conversation) we receive another letter with a fine for £50.  And get this, we can appeal – but the fee for an appeal is £100!

What can you do?

Lots to discuss

Thanks to Alan Hill who reminds me that having said we had a board meeting last Wednesday I haven’t followed that up on here.

Suffice to say it was the longest meeting we’ve had since I took the Chairman’s role going on to midnight.

Plenty discussed including Barry Benveniste reporting back on his first month since taking the Treasurer position.  I’m greatly encouraged with what Barry wishes to do and whilst most people won’t see the changes we are making I am sure that over the next 12 months the financial systems we are putting in place will be of great benefit to us.

Plenty of debate about our plans for PEPF – though no news to give out I’m afraid – and also looking at how we can take advantage of some current commercial opportunities that we have.

Finally various issues around the reserves were discussed.  Chief among these are the implications of serious problems with the pitch at Ruislip Manor and also how we are going to fill the role of Reserve Team Secretary which is becoming ever more important.  That is one role we are really keen to get sorted – so if anyone reading this would like to get involved with the club and help run our Suburban League reserves then please get in touch.