Watching a different game

Part of the role we have as directors includes doing things on matchdays, including during the matches themselves that can mean you don’t get to see as much of the game as you would like – and not in the fashion you would like.

Peter and Fingers particularly will attest to this, and I have found this season that part of the Chairman’s job has been to look after people during the game, either guests, dignitaries or family.

I mentioned that I had a guest from the FA at the AFC Wimbledon game, I spent most of the first half at Ashford in conversation with Nick Robinson, the Ryman League company secretary and yesterday (different again) I brought my daughter Daisy.

On Tuesday at Staines I hope to have someone with me that is involved with various things that might help the club in different areas.
And these are not are only guests we spend time with.  For example it was great seeing so many of George Smith’s family at the game (the matchball was donated in memory of long time George Smith).  They were delighted with the way we looked after them, as was Steve Somers’ family at the Watford game and Matteo Tonna at the AFC game).  It is important that we look after these guests well – and I’m pleased with how we perform here.

The downside of all this is you just yearn to be behind the goal focusing on the match.  Maybe one day!

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