Lots to discuss

Thanks to Alan Hill who reminds me that having said we had a board meeting last Wednesday I haven’t followed that up on here.

Suffice to say it was the longest meeting we’ve had since I took the Chairman’s role going on to midnight.

Plenty discussed including Barry Benveniste reporting back on his first month since taking the Treasurer position.  I’m greatly encouraged with what Barry wishes to do and whilst most people won’t see the changes we are making I am sure that over the next 12 months the financial systems we are putting in place will be of great benefit to us.

Plenty of debate about our plans for PEPF – though no news to give out I’m afraid – and also looking at how we can take advantage of some current commercial opportunities that we have.

Finally various issues around the reserves were discussed.  Chief among these are the implications of serious problems with the pitch at Ruislip Manor and also how we are going to fill the role of Reserve Team Secretary which is becoming ever more important.  That is one role we are really keen to get sorted – so if anyone reading this would like to get involved with the club and help run our Suburban League reserves then please get in touch.


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