It’s only us that suffers

We have recently placed a statement on the website and it will also be in the programme for the Bishop’s Stortford game (tough draw by the way).

It relates to the recent Ramsgate match and an incident that is alleged to have happened sometime after the final whistle. Now I wasn’t present at the game but I know it was very controversial in particular relating to the referee’s performance and two dubious penalty decisions.

Fast forward to sometime (at least half an hour) after the game had finished. Before coming into the board room, the officials left their changing room to put their bags in their respective cars. However as they walked out in front of the club house they were approached and verbally abused by some unknown individuals – and the referee, who I understand was very young, berated about his performance.

At this point, and visibly shaken they retreated back to their changing room. Then they had to be accompanied to their cars by club officials.

We have perhaps, not surprisingly, been reported to the FA, who have asked us for our comments. We may be censured, we may find a more punitive punishment coming our way.

The thing is we cannot win in this situation. However bad a performance by the ref, however much we perceive he has cost us and however much emotions are aroused letting those emotions go too far only gets the club into trouble. It costs time and money – both of which could be better spent elsewhere.

I am not writing this to point the finger or to blame anyone. I don’t know who was involved. However, I do know that whilst we all get caught up in the moment there is a line we cannot cross and if we do then there is only going to be one loser and that is the Club…and surely we can all agree that none of us want that.


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