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It’s not good is it?

Not having been at the game today somewhat restricts my ability for comment on today’s hammering at Horsham – but I have spoken to a number of people who were there and I will say a few things.

We all have a responsibility to turn things around – all of us.

That means we on the board have to do whatever we can to generate more revenue, to get the infrastructure in place and to try and get the future of the club sorted (as well as keep the club running on a day today basis).

It means the management (back to the lean threesome of last season) need to manage and coach to get the best out of the group of players we have.

It means that the players – all the players – need to deliver.  We made a conscious decision to put more players on contract than in recent seasons, partly to ensure more stability, partly because we believed we have a good group of players – we still believe that.

We cannot and will not simply go out and bring new players in and I don’t want to see 50+ players coming and going this season.  I have complete faith in this group of players  – and I told them exactly that at training on Thursday.  We have seen enough in a number of performances this season to know the quality that exists – we need that repeated consistently.

It means that supporters must support and not abuse.  I know there are frustrations, heaped upon so many frustrations of recent years.  I understand that words were once more exchanged between players and supporters this afternoon although I believe this was later repaired with handshakes.  This all gets us nowhere.  We simply cannot afford another ‘Gavin Bamford’ incident.

It also means we have to try and hope these injuries stop.  Don’t know how bad Peter Dean is yet – but it doesn’t look promising and this could be another big blow.  Excuses or not we cannot cope with losing our best players – Carl and Dean Papali, Steve Hughes and James Gray for such long periods, Grossie today as well – not mentioning three unavailable goalkeepers.

I really believe we have the best group of players we have had for some seasons – but I don’t want to be known as Chairman of the best  Wealdstone side to go down.  It is a big game at Harlow on Tuesday – forget the FA Cup we need the points so let’s pull together and see another Staines like performance.  From everyone!


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Now no longer with my Wealdstone FC obligations so freed up to enjoy more horse racing. Aiming to blog daily on something that catches my eye, maybe the big race that day, maybe racing news, maybe something else. Please join the conversations

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