Many happy returns

Turned 40 today.

My wife had told me she was organising something for me tonight, turns out it was a surprise party with the surprise being that the party (which was great thanks for asking) was last night theoretically leaving me free to come to the replay somewhat unexpectedly tonight.

Given we are going away early tomorrow morning I had to pack first so didn’t get to the game until early in the second half, by which time we were 0-1 down and our much changed side was on the way out of the FA Trophy.

However a brilliant substitution brought on Steve Hughes for probably the most incredible 5 minutes of his career, getting the equaliser and two bizarre yellow cards meaning obviously a red.  That got everyone going and we were delighted to see Lee O’Leary head the winner with 5 minutes left.  This led to some interesting conversations with the referee’s assessor and the Chairman of the Middlesex FA after the game!

Good to see the run continuing, good to see a team without Carl, Marcus, Chaps, Chris O’Leary and Ryan Ashe winning and good to see most of those guys supporting the team from the sidelines.  There seems a good spirit around the place and perhaps not surprisingly lots of talk and lots of excitement about Saturday.   Let’s hope it’s not a let down and we can play to our potential and our supporters can support to their potential.

My plea from the States is please be in the FA Cup when I return.

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