Weymouth at home

What a draw. I’m excited! And after two good cup runs this season a draw like this is what we deserve.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way first. The match is likely to be confirmed as being on the Friday night – 14 December. Interestingly live on Sky on the Sunday are two trivial games, Liverpool v Manchester United and Arsenal v Chelsea so not sure we could have competed against that. Fortunately Weymouth are happy to come up on the Friday and Northwood have been helpful in reorganising a function due there that night. So let’s hope for one of those great Friday night Cup matches we’ve enjoyed before.

We are going to raise the admission to £10 for adults and £5 for concessions. I have read the various comments on the forum/mailing list with interest and I hope this is a suitable compromise. This is not about screwing our supporters – or Weymouth’s – but if we get 500 people in the ground that is an extra £1,000 – this is money we cannot turn away and let’s remember we have to split the gate income with Weymouth.

Incidentally we believe Weymouth may bring 400-500 fans themselves so it is likely we will have additional security costs as well – and I think these prices will be the same that we charged for the Watford friendly in the summer.

A journalist from the Kilburn Times called me up earlier and asked me about the draw. He asked when was the last time we played a Conference (sorry Blue Square Premier) Club. It is a while! Just looking at the Weymouth pen pictures there are lots of familiar names – with plenty of football league and conference experience. Check out Conal Platt too, he scored a hat trick for Liverpool against us in that great FA Youth Cup occasion 3 or so years ago. Hopefully it will be Carl Martin’s turn this time.

Bottom line for me is that if our players can continue playing as they have been and keep injury free then we can give them a good game – and who knows what comes after that.

Exciting times!

One thought on “Weymouth at home”

  1. A shame that you feel the need to make this match a Friday night, I feel that any hope of geting “500” from Dorset in your ground will be proved false.
    If the game was played on a Saturday – or even Sunday – that might have been the case, but, on a Friday, expect 100 tops.

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