Who suffers?

I understand Lee O’Leary is desperate for us to appeal his sending off from the Harlow game last week.  Don’t blame him but it won’t do any good as without video evidence there is little if any chance of getting the decision changed.  Lee picks up three games and will miss the Weymouth game.
We’ve had some particularly crazy decisions this season and what is most annoying is that not only do they hurt us on the day but they come back and hurt us big time later on.

Had we beaten Hampton then Steve Hughes’ shocking red card in the Leighton replay would have cost him a chance of playing in the first round of the FA Cup.  Ryan Ashe’s dubious second booking at Leyton meant he missed the Tonbridge game, when his presence might have been the difference between winning and losing and now Lee O’Leary misses the big FA Trophy match.

I wouldn’t mind if any of these players had deserved (or come close to deserving) their red cards but…  I guess we’ll just have to get to the next round of the Trophy so Lee can play then.

And then there is Gordon’s sending off on Saturday against Welling.  Our friendly Harrow Observer reporter John Comfort was standing right there and couldn’t believe the action the referee took (see his report on Thursday).  The linesman and referee missed our player being fouled off the ball (right in front of the lino) yet apparently could hear a supposed continual stream of abuse from Gordon – just his style really.  Of course he will have to be fined heavily now!

In the same vein the referee who took the controversial game again Ramsgate earlier in the season has been appointed to our game against Maidstone in a couple of weeks.  Of course I have to ask (demand) for everyone to behave entirely  properly please.

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