The BBC London Non League Show

I got a call from Caroline Barker from the BBC London Non League Show this evening.  She has invited me to go on the show next Monday (at 9.00pm), an offer I have accepted.

To be honest I have not listened to the show before although while I write this I am listening to the show which was broadcast on Monday (where we got a few mentions).  Click here to listen to the show.

Caroline tells me that the show always features a London/South East club (Maidenhead on Monday) and it will an opportunity to discuss “all matters Wealdstone”.  Hopefully an opportunity to plug the Weymouth game and get the Club some good publicity.

Any suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “The BBC London Non League Show”

  1. H

    I think you could underline the plight of the non-league scene in London (Us, Hendon, Enfield, Ruislip M in Middx alone)where spiralling costs (wages/land) and the delights lounging in the chair watching wall to wall televised games nearly every day of the week have an impact on interest in the non league game. That said it is all not bad news, non-league clubs have kick-started a number of professional careers – Pearce, Jones, Beckford, along with the majority of the current Peterborough Utd squad who are doing quite nicely in Div 3.

    Following the hiatus of the national side the other week it would be good if the FA could give serious consideration of joining the whole of English football together in order that all share in the one identity and what money is sloshing around the game from TV rights etc is spread more evenly (look at the relatively poor cash rewards for progressing in the early rounds of the FA Cup & Trophy ….) – simple stuff really, Conference Premier becomes Div 4, Div 5 is Conference S/N Div 6 is Isthmian, Southern, Northern etc – Oh and let’s ignore the Scottish League please, who is really interested in Forfar and East Fife – what have they ever achieved ( I blame the Pools companies).

    How about offering reduced rates of admission to the game on the 22nd Dec when we host Folkestone (blimey this is the start of the reverse fixtures – was it that long ago we went to sunny Kent for the first game of the season), anyway 3 days before xmas most households will be about to start a long holiday period so lets offer people a chance to come to the game at reduced cost. Couple of suggestions to get the debate going, a £3 off voucher per adult (available on the Web site & the Harrow O), Parent/Adult + Child(1/2) + Programme for £10, 2 Parents/Adults + Child(1/2) + Programme for £12, Wearing a Stones entry for £5 per adult, £1 kids. Indeed why not let in kids for £1 on the day……….

  2. Considering the audience is likely to be those already familiar with the non-league game, it’s unlikely we’ll attract any new support from appearing on the show. However, it’s possible we could attract new sponsorship and investment by selling the club in the best possible light. Talk about our plight, the funding from fans and directors that’s kept the club afloat for 16 years without our own ground, the successful youth set up and the (hopefully) bright new dawn at the new stadium. To make the most of it, we need investment.

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