Sexiest chairman in non League football?

Forgive me for a moment but what a laugh.

Just back from my 15 minutes of fame on the Non League Show tonight on BBC Radio London.  Click here if you want to hear it.

First thing to say is boy did that hour go quick.  They were packing in as much as they could and certainly could have filled up another hour.

I did enjoy it, hopefully got across many of the messages I wanted to and if we get half the number of people coming to the Weymouth game as are promising we will have a big crowd.  Interestingly Willy Wordsworth who is a regular on the show and is chief scout at Cambridge United was only talking to Gordon earlier today as Cambridge beat Weymouth in the FA Cup on Saturday.

I was impressed with Caroline Barker, whose enthusiasm and professionalism kept the show moving apace despite her love of Chelmsford City and it was great to hear Matteo and Jez (and my mystery admirers or more likely piss takers) text in and Craig call in from Leeds.  Also great to meet Dave Watters editor of the Non League Today newspaper who promises me we will be heavily featured this coming Sunday.

Let’s hope this will not be the last time Wealdstone get this type of coverage.

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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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