Bad habits

Losing to Hampton in the 88th minute was bad enough, but losing to Weymouth tonight in the 93rd minute was perhaps even worse.  Look at the games we have lost recently, against Hampton, Tonbridge, Hampton again and then tonight – in all four games we have conceded in the last minute.

That said I was proud of the boys today.  Remember Weymouth are a full-time outfit two division above us.  The truth is we could have won, Peter Dean, Ben and Ryan all had chances in the second half.  We outfought them in midfield, the defence were superb.  I thought some of the tackling was fierce – but fair – and particular praise for two players who don’t get the plaudits that often, Andre Delisser and Keita Karamoko who both played ever so well.

There has been plenty of interest in the match and of course it is a real shame not to go further and keep the run going.  I got called by the FA and spoke to the people who do their website after the game so you can see their report currently on the home page (Capello who?) or in full here.

Back to league action next week – we could be in the bottom four after tomorrow’s games.

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