Deano’s a wanted man

Most supporters will know by now that we reluctantly agreed to make Dean Papali available for loan or transfer.

The news is a number of clubs from all sorts of places have enquired about him, clubs ranging from the conference south to Ryman or Southern Division 1.  Two or three are being followed up and Dean may be away on loan even by this weekend.

Let’s make one thing clear we don’t want Deano to go.  Having said that we recognise how frustrated he must be.  As top scorer and hero last season, Deano would have been expecting to ‘kick on’ this season.  However a bad hamstring injury blighted the first couple of months of this season and things have never really got going for him when he has been fit.  This has been compounded by the form of the three other strikers we have.

It is hard enough for the Premier League clubs to keep four strikers happy – at least they get paid plenty.  Deano is 22 and wants to play football and who can blame him.

The perfect solution is to go on loan for a while, play regularly, score lots of goals and come back firing on all cylinders.  Let’s hope Deano still has a long term future with us and good luck to him wherever he goes in the short term.

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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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One thought on “Deano’s a wanted man”

  1. Absolutely. Dean Papali is a quality player and one we all hope remains at Wealdstone for a long time to come. A superstar last season for us, and I’m sure his chance will come. Stick with it Deano, you could be a Stones legend. The club are going places!

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