A word about Ruislip Manor FC

Let’s be clear, we hope they survive.

We’ve had constructive discussions with some of their supporters and I read on their Forum  that they are beginning to get themselves organised.

To survive they need people to step up as officers – they have none at present – they need to be sure that they can cover running costs for the rest of the season, which chiefly involves things like referees fees, physio fees etc and then they need to start thinking about next season when they will need to pay their share of the site costs.

Let’s hope it all works out – noone wants to see another club go to the wall.

And by the way if you’ve seen either the Non League Today or the Non League Paper – don’t believe all you read, especially if the comments come from Mr Barrett.


Published by: howiejk

Now no longer with my Wealdstone FC obligations so freed up to enjoy more horse racing. Aiming to blog daily on something that catches my eye, maybe the big race that day, maybe racing news, maybe something else. Please join the conversations

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