Excellent Harrow Observer coverage today

Have you seen the Harrow Observer today? If not it’s well worth getting hold of a copy.

The front page has a signpost to the new “Support Our Stones” campaign and there is a full page feature on p5 and then almost the full back page under the headline “Stones are to the Manor born”, as well as more photos on the inside back page. Click here for the link to the article on the Harrow Observer website.

This is the start of a joint campaign that we will be running with the Harrow Observer to build interest and hopefully attract fans, old and new, to the Club.

We’ve had a great reaction to the Ruislip news however it is only a start and we need to keep the momentum going for many months. I am delighted with the Harrow Observer support – it is important to remember that even though we are moving to Ruislip our spiritual home remains in Harrow.

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