Where do you start?

A really impressive turn out at Ruislip today.  I reckon about 40 people there.  Thanks to you all.
The realisation quickly hits everyone of the size of the task.  So much to do and where do you start?

We did say before Sunday that today was about coming down and getting a feel of the place and doing some general clearing, gardening jobs etc.  We are now beginning to get a much clearer picture of where priority focus needs to be and crucially who will take on the roles of leading the various aspects of the project.  I expect that this is largely in place very shortly.

As people begin to think about the possibilities at Ruislip there are more and more ideas of the potential of the place.  For example Mark Lloyd is looking into what is needed for running a big junior tournament over a weekend there.   As always these ideas are welcome but what will make them come to fruition is commitment, responsibility and coordination.  If you think it can be done then it probably can as long as you can do it or find people to do it with you – and tell us what you want to do.  We will support most things!

Finally on the Ruislip Manor FC front they have a meeting in a week’s time to see whether their club will survive.  We wish them well.

I have noticed some of the comments that the departed chairman made in last week’s Non League Today have appeared on various forums and 1-2 of our people have reacted to these comments.  I am comfortable that the criticisms of Wealdstone have only come from Mr Barrett and his family and are not the views of those trying to save RMFC.  Wealdstone people reading these comments should simply ask themselves where the Barrett’s are now and why they are not involved in trying to help save the Club they were happy to run as long as someone else picked up the bill.

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