A typical day at the office

Not so frenetic today.  But here are some of the various issues that have come up.

Our Japanese friends are keen to bring over an 18 year old for next season.  He is actually a J League Youth player at Gamba Osaka so we have been looking through dates to see if we can make it work so the player will have the football experience he wants while he is over here.

Still quite a lot going on regarding youth football.  We have had discussions with further youth clubs who might be interested in linking up with us, and others are also making themselves known.  Mark Lloyd is looking into the possibility of running a Youth tournament at Ruislip which could be a big fund raiser and his work has opened up a number of opportunities to talk to various youth clubs.  I am delighted Mark is getting involved with this, it is another example of someone taking responsibility for something really important and potentially very beneficial for us.

Press wise I have done an interview with Tony Incenzo for the Ryman League Clubcall line – should be on tomorrow – and spoken to Dave Watters from Non League Today and the Non League Show.

Was also speaking to Gordon earlier.  He went to see Dean Papali get 70 minutes for Burnham who lost at Windsor in the County Cup last night. Incidentally take a look at the Windsor & Eton pen pictures, you might recognise a certain Mr Bartlett (junior) who made his debut for Windsor earlier in the season.  Glad to see they got your better side Craig.

I have been encouraged recently by the good conversations that Gordon has been having with Adie Boothroyd at Watford.  We are hoping to fix up an arrangement such as the one we had with Theo and John Joe last season – but as yet nothing has been finalised, no one has been sent over (Alex Campana aside) so don’t take any notice of any rumours to the contrary.

So a quiet day and I liked Roger’s idea of  getting a team of supporters together with some past WFC stars is a great one.  I thought the one of the first WFC games at Ruislip should be a staff v supporters game and maybe we will do that too – but count me in for the Field of Dreams idea (those on the WFC mailing list will know what I mean).


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