What to say after another poor performance?

I promised honesty on this blog and I’m certainly not going to duck that now. We got what we deserved from today’s game – nothing.

Here we are again. In a relegation position and with a tough struggle ahead. This run since Boxing Day has come from nowhere and it’s not immediately apparent to see how we are going to turn it around. That doesn’t mean we aren’t working night and day on it and that we are in anyway distracted by Ruislip or any other situation.

So what do you do? Wholesale changes to the playing squad? More difficult this year because we’ve put more players on contract, invested our confidence in them with the desire for a settled squad. This was working – currently it isn’t.

Do we go out and bring new players in – we might like to bring in 1-2. But as always they need to be the right players at the right money. An example of the problem is that Staines yesterday signed Richard Butler from St Albans and he made his debut today against us. We enquired about him but the transfer fee and his wages were way out of our league – and I know that at least one other Ryman Premier side were prepared to offer him more. We can only keep looking, stacking up the phone calls and trying to find some quality and some inspiration.

A few, perhaps on the WFC Forum or elsewhere will no doubt call for the head of the manager. Even if we made such a change we still have to deal with the issues I’ve outlined above. Personally I believed in the decisions GB made to bring in this group of players at the start of the season – now Gordon, Leo and Gilly need to use all their managerial and coaching wisdom and make something happen – as they have done the last three years.
So for now we need the same players who did so well until Boxing Day, to roll their sleeves up, take responsibility for where we are and make something happen. Let’s not forget two wins can turn everything around. This also means the supporters not giving up and sticking with it – as I have always said we are all in this together.

Every team has a bad run during the season and we need to end ours quickly. There are still 17 league games left and every one of them begins to increase in importance.

Like most who were there today I am down tonight but Tuesday against Maidstone is a big game and I urge everyone to get behind the team and let’s all try and make a difference and end this run.

Published by: howie

Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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