A very bad night

A shocking one actually

I always said I would try to be honest and I am not going to shirk that now.  What a night!

Actually I missed the first goal – noone told me to avoid Richmond and having left Harrow at 5.50 I didn’t get to Kingsmeadow after some of the worst traffic I can remember until 20 minutes into the game.   And you have to wonder which was worse, the traffic or the football?

Second half tonight was simply the worst football I have seen this season – and perhaps for many seasons.  Of course there are lots of excuses with players out etc etc but ultimately it was one of those embarrassing nights.  Difficult to pick anything good out really, Dean Papali finally scoring maybe – but otherwise?

It was men against boys.  They were simply better than us in every aspect of the game.  The final whistle couldn’t come soon enough.

We knew that getting anything from Saturday and tonight was a bonus – but having competed well against Chelmsford no one was expecting to get thumped like tonight.

I have said I believe in this squad – and I do and I also don’t think we will go down – however there are a number of players who need to take a look at themselves at present and ask why they are not playing to the levels they were a couple of months ago.

Enough said for now.

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2 thoughts on “A very bad night”

  1. You missed your side’s best 20 minutes unfortunately.

    On the bright side, the support for your team was excellent, much better than for many teams who come and put in a good performance. They didn’t seem to turn on the team and most stayed until the end.

    OK, your keeper had a nightmare but it was a pity that consolation at the end had to be offered by one of our players rather than someone from your management or team. You probably need him to recover from that.

  2. Whilst you cannot hide your disappointment for the first 20 mins (sorry you missed them) you were highly competitive and I thought we (AFCW) might be in for hard competitive night. However the first goal obviously stunned your guys and from that point onwards the confidence began to drain. However, even though 2-0 down at half time I worried you might stage a comeback but, it proved to be, because of some inspired play by our guys beyond you. You just hit our team at the wrong time. Apply and work hard like you did for most of the game and you will succeed. Put it down in the box as the one of those result – like Chelmsford 0 – AFC Hornchurch 4. There is still a long way to go and you have a good chance of surviving.

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