Ruislip becomes meetings city

A busy time at Ruislip this morning.  With the sun out another work party under Don’s guidance continued the great work.

Peter and I met with Gordon and Leo to look at the rest of this season, at the squad, the budget and the options we have.  It’s important to have regular and constructive discussions between the Board and the management team.  After all we are all part of the same team and want the same end result.  But it is not a cosy group – we need to ask the tough questions and have some good, frank discussions.  I remain excited about the reminder of the season and am sure we will not finish where we are in the league table now.

Following that we met with Peter Clayton and Ron Dunning from the Middlesex FA for one of our regular catch ups.  We are keen to do more with the County and Ruislip may well give us the opportunity to do that.

Then Peter and I split up.  He met with representatives from the Ruislip Manor Youth Club with whom we continue to have constructive discussions about a future relationship.  I met with my predecessor Nick Symmons about a meeting we have tomorrow afternoon with Stanmore College to discuss how we take our Football Scholarship forward.

With all these meetings (not to mention the all the games at present) it is no wonder we get the pressure we do get from our better halves.

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