Can we move to Dartford?

Interesting article on NonLeagueDaily about Dartford FC.

Isn’t it refreshing to read about a council who get it, who realise the benefits that a successful non league club can have in the area.  imagine if we had this type of support from Harrow Council over Prince Edward.

Now I am sure Harrow have other priorities, budget restraints etc etc but these are the Dartford Council Leader’s own words “Our aim was to boost pride in the town, rescue our local team and open up new opportunities for young people to build character and discipline in superb sporting surroundings. We have exceeded our wildest expectations and the stadium has helped improve the town in so many ways.”

As good as rescuing the local club is the other benefits clearly make all the expenditure worthwhile.  I think Hillingdon Council understand, perhaps it is not too late for Harrow as well.

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