Defensive worries at Maidstone tomorrow

We go into the last five games of the season still perhaps 4-5 points from being completely safe.  Our recent form has been good and let’s hope we can finish March on a high note at Maidstone.

It will be tough though, James Gray starts a three match ban tomorrow, Andy Howell will be out for perhaps the rest of the season and Carl Martin is almost certainly out after receiving a kick against Harrow.  Marcus Gross has also almost certainly played his last game for us, as he is away for a couple of weeks in April and has made himself unavailable tomorrow.  So we hope to have a new signing in place for tomorrow as we need a defender.

Please note that according to the Maidstone website there appears to be a pitch inspection tomorrow morning at Bourne Park – with more rain forecast the game may be in doubt so check before you travel.

Maidstone appear to have improved in the couple of weeks since we played them helped by the signing of former Arsenal star Ian Selley.  They will be desperate for the points so I am expecting a really tough game tomorrow – don’t forget Maidstone share at Bourne Park, Sittingbourne as they work towards developing their new stadium in Maidstone.

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One thought on “Defensive worries at Maidstone tomorrow”

  1. They seem to have a few missing themselves H so that may encourage an even more waterlogged pitch by 9.30am

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