Ground latest

I thought I’d update on the situation with moving to Ruislip, ground grading and the Ryman League.

Over the past few months we have been keeping the Ryman League informed of the situation at Ruislip and our likely intentions for next season. In the coming days we will be sitting down with Ryman League board members to explain in full what has happened at Ruislip and what we plan for the immediate future and in the medium term.

After that meeting we expect a ground grading will follow to confirm that Grosvenor Vale is suitable for the Ryman Premier standard (assuming we don’t slip up now on the field).

Most of the work to achieve the correct grading has now been completed. Don Cross informs me we have about about a day’s work remaining mainly for concreting the touch line terrace near the telephone masts, and also at the far end where the stand has been increased to level the steps.  This will take place shortly when we know the weather is guaranteed.  In addition we are planning for what is required for the changes to the dugouts and this will take place in the close season.

The other main thing we have to do is to improve the pitch and we are getting quotes from three contractors this week with a view to the work starting in early May. It is unlikely that we will obtain any funding for this work at present – there is funding available for pitch work but we intend to plan for potentially major pitch works to take place in the next close season. Our aim will be to deliver some an intermediate solution this summer that will give us a good surface for next season.

As always my thanks to everyone involved in all the hard work going on down at the ground.  Let’s hope that James Smith’s treatments match the quality of his decorating.

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