3 games to go

Best not to say too much about yesterday.  It was a shocker.

More ‘good’ news, Chris O’Leary has a slight ligament tear and is likely to be out for the season.  Three games to go and with the season far from over it is certainly going to be a test of character.

Adam Gloor emailed earlier to request programme articles for the Leyton game.  Adam and his wife Minnie have done a fantastic job developing the matchday programme and I hope they will continue for a few seasons to come.

It is funny, getting that email made me think about how many people we have involved in working to take this club forward.  There is so much going on.  We have a board meeting on Tuesday and having put the agenda together I know we could meet for three successive nights and not get through everything.  i will bring some news from that in due course.

Ultimately though we all want to be successful.  This season certainly hasn’t gone quite as planned on the field (apart from in the cups) but at the same time the club has taken some big strides forward.

Keep the faith, we’ve been here before and let’s hope for a jammy 1-0 win at Hornchurch.

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