Edgware Town on TV

I was speaking to Paul Gregory earlier in the week.

As is often the case at Edgware they seem to have it tough and despite many challenges they have done really well on the field this season, bolstered no doubt by Fergus Moore going there to play for his great mate Steve Newing.

Many will know the terribly sad news about Edgware’s co-manager Del Deanus (if not read it here).  There is a big fund raising match being planned for Saturday 10 May, which includes Paul Merson amongst many other stars as well as our own Ryan Ashe, Peter Dean and Dean Papali.  I certainly intend to be there and I hope many other Stones will be too.

Paul was telling me that Edgware’s playing squad have donated all the money they had saved this season for their end of season tour to Del’s fund – a great gesture.

Edgware are to lose the funding of Galliard Homes at the end of this season so once again face an uncertain future.  They are being featured on BBC TV next Friday (details here) and I know they are hoping this leads to some offers of help.  We all have our problems but we do wish Edgware all the best.

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