Safe but some perspective

Firstly, phew!  We are safe for another year. Never doubted it for a minute!

Secondly I thought I might mention two comments from two Gordons yesterday.  Mr McKay said to me before the game that if you had offered him 51 points before the season started he would have been very happy with that.  Mr Bartlett pointed out that, playing Hendon next week, we are only 14 points off the play-off positions.

That got me looking back at the struggles of recent seasons, last year we got 48 points and were 21 points off the play-offs, the year before 44 points and a massive 31 off the play-offs and the year before that we stayed up on goals scored with a total of 47 points, 24 away from the play-offs.

What this bit of nurdyness shows is we have acheived more points this season than in the previous four and we have considerably narrowed the gap between us and the play-off places as well.

One further nurdy point is that 51 points would have us currently 14th in the Southern Premier 9 points from relegation, 9th in the Northern Premier 8 points from relegation and 14th in the Conference South 15 points from the drop zone.

Actually there will be many Ryman Premier clubs who will look at this season and say what might have been.  I’ve no doubt that with the squad we put together we might have done much better.  Whatever people think, and however they tire of hearing it, money is all important and I think we’ve done pretty well with the resources available.  This has been a good season, the cup runs particularly stand out and plenty of good performances especially before Christmas.

As much as we would like to kick on in terms of budget and our on field expectations we can only do this if the money is available.  With the money we need to spend at Ruislip off the field it is unlikely there will be any difference to the budget next year – assuming we can maintain the current levels – that is something we are all working towards but noone should be any illusions that there is lots more money available.

Of course we all want to see a winning team playing attractive football.  But then so does Roman Abramovich and even with his billions he can’t seem to deliver that to his satisfaction.

I am excited about the potential of our club, so many things happening which will move the Club in the way we need it to be.  Ruislip, our youth development, more people taking on roles and getting involved, a good group of players, and plenty of other things as well.  I hope you can all join me in sharing this excitement and helping deliver what we all want to achieve.

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