Season drawing to a close

More of a look back another time but I for one can’t believe this season is fast coming to an end – and yet I’m looking forward to a bit of a rest (from the football if not from the multitude of club matters).

Tough game to finish tomorrow with Hendon desperate for the win to confirm their place in the play-offs.  Don’t be surprised if we give 2-3 of the younger players a bit of first team experience.  Unlikely that Chris O’Leary, Andy Howell or Stephen Hughes will be available tomorrow – all injured.  I also understand that Lee O’Leary will be missing from the Hendon side suspended.

A number of supporters will be doing a sponsored walk tomorrow and good luck to them.  The weather is set fair and once again I salute so many of our supporters who have responded to the challenge of trying to help our Club progress.

Particular credit to Jez Albert who, despite all his nonsense is doing a fab job, not only involved with organising the Walk but also the Supporter’s Club Anniversary Dinner on Sunday week (assuming the Walk doesn’t finish him off).

See you at Hendon for one last match of this memorable season.

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