A great day

Not really had a chance to write anything since the weekend.

A late decision to do the Walk, but a rewarding one.  It was great to see so many people, of all ages, doing the 12 miles.  The sore feet and (so I found out later) sunburn was a small if slightly painful price to pay to be with so many Stones die hards all doing their best to give us a future.  Well done again to Jez and Hillsy for all their efforts.

The game itself was most enjoyable and what a sweet strike from Nick Salapatas to win the game.  Check out his website.  Nick, with his orange boots is not short on confidence.  When he first came to Stanmore the coaches were more excited about his potential than anyone previously and he made his first team debut at Molesey.  Recently he has been getting some first team experience at Hillingdon, and if he trains well and listens to the coaches he has a bright future – he is certainly one to look forward to.

Plenty of time to look back on the season in the coming days.  54 points and 13th isn’t so bad – I know we will feel we might have done better – but nevertheless it is our best season for some time.

Work doesn’t slow down though.  Pre-season friendlies are being arranged (more about them soon), we will already be writing to the players about next season and of course preparations continue apace at Ruislip.

Before anything else though the play-offs tomorrow and the weekend, and then the Supporters Club dinner and Field of Dreams event.  I got a call from Matteo Tonna tonight, he is coming to the dinner at the weekend and is hoping to visit Ruislip on Sunday.  It will be good to see him along with the other 230 plus people who are expected.

So a busy time – don’t forget to keep reading the blog through the summer there will be plenty going on.

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