A special word for a special son

I must write something about Stuart Pearce.

What a guy.  He has given up his time to attend two events for us (in less than a month) and on both occasions he has made a huge impression on everyone there.  350 people in Northampton and 250 last night – and all gave him a standing ovation.

I was lucky enough to sit next to him last night and have the almost surreal experience of chatting to him through the evening.  It is one memory I will cherish.

I thought it was great when he was asked about Brian Clough – what an experience to have played for so long under that genius – and also when a Spurs fan asked him about the 1991 Cup Final – Pearcey got quite animated.

Just seeing the joy on people’s faces as they got their autograph or photo or simply shaked his hand said it all – a true Wealdstone legend – a true football legend.

We are very luck to have the calibre of former players who have made it big time that we do – it is all part of what makes us the Club that we are.


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Chairman of Wealdstone FC since May 2007

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