Past 30,000 hits

This week we passed 30,000 hits for this blog over the last 10-11 months.  Thanks to everyone who has spent any time reading it – I hope it is worthwhile.

I’ve no idea how they measure these stats but 30,000 seems a good number.

The pressure is on to keep writing it now and keeping it fresh.  We do have a lot of news to cover over the summer (including a couple of announcements about our kit for next season) so I’m sure there will be plenty to write about.

Please also keep the comments coming.


Published by: howiejk

Now no longer with my Wealdstone FC obligations so freed up to enjoy more horse racing. Aiming to blog daily on something that catches my eye, maybe the big race that day, maybe racing news, maybe something else. Please join the conversations

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One thought on “Past 30,000 hits”

  1. Re our kit for next season. I would like to see Royal Blue shirts with a clear white number on the back. The red numbers on last season’s blue & white quartered shirts were difficult to read from any distance.

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