An interesting evening

Tonight Quentin Fox and I were the guests at a prize giving event at the Stanmore Jaffery’s Sports Club. Heard of them – no probably not but actually they are very important people for us as I’ll explain.

Just over a week ago, together with Peter Worby and Paul Rumens, Q and I met with three committee members from KSIMC – our landlords at Ruislip including their President Kamruddin, Secretary Mohsin and Treasurer Salim.  This was our first meeting with the freeholders of the Grosvenor Vale site since we moved in.  It was a very convivial meeting, and we were delighted by the amount both groups had in common, especially how we both see the importance of being at the heart of our respective communities.  At that meeting we put a number of proposals to KSIMC pertaining to the future of Ruislip and we will look to meet with them again next month to carry on those discussions.

Following the initial meeting, we were invited to attend the presentation night of Stanmore Jaffery’s, the sports club which is part of the wider KSIMC organisation.  It was an excellently organised event for approximately 200 guests and I was asked to speak for 5 minutes about Wealdstone.

We hope that our relationship with KSIMC continues as it has started with them taking an interest in the well-being of WFC and we will see how we can help them too.

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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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