Changes at the Observer

Although not exactly ‘hot off the press’ news, I wanted to mention the ‘sad news’ this summer of learning about John Comfort’s retirement.  I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago, and first he advised me of Lindsay Coulson’s departure as editor of the Harry O and then the news that he was leaving one week later.

JC has been such a familiar face for so long it will be weird not having him around.  He has done a great job over the time I have been involved with the Club, always available to discuss how to cover a particular issue and always respectful of when we asked for a story to be handled in a particular way.  The relationship that we built up meant that on at least two occasions we were able to persuade the Observer to run a series of articles over a number of weeks, most recently with the Support Our Stones campaign.

John has moved to St Neots in Cambridgeshire, and took early retirement.  He promises to make a match or two at Ruislip early on in the season and we look forward to wishing him a happy retirement.

Graham Smith’s letter in this weeks Observer said it all really.

Fortunately we know John’s successor Tim Edwards.  Nick Dugard has done some great work in building a relationship with him while he has been at the Watford Observer.  We look forward to sitting down with him and new editor David Tilley in the coming days.

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