A new brand for a new era

Even those who can’t get down to Ruislip are giving their time for the club – in all sorts of ways.

Tim Parks has been working on a new ‘look and feel’ for the club.  We are changing all our club stationery to have one consistent more modern, more lively look than we have had in recent years.  And it looks great.  Tim has done a really good, creative job and our thanks to him and Martin Lacey for their great work.

You will see the fruits of their labours on things like the new season programme covers, new club posters, club headed paper and even business cards for staff.  It is a big step forward at just the right time and will help us continue to make ourselves more professional and (hopefully) more appealing externally.

2 thoughts on “A new brand for a new era”

  1. Watching the excellent New Tricks on TV the other evening, I couldn’t help thinking how lucky AFC Wimbledon are to get visibility and awareness as a result of their product placement on the show. For the uninitiated, one of the principal characters is an AFC supporter, and frequently dons (no pun intended), the AFC kit. Now what wouldn’t you give for that type of publicity.

  2. Will the new branding extend to the website too? For brands to really work, they need to be consistent across all (communication) channels. A great step forward.

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