Anyone for an operation?

Post Wednesday night one of the learnings is we will need to sharpen up our act on areas like stewarding – whether that be car parking, not allowing alcohol into the ground or making sure that views are unobstructed and certain areas do not get over-crowded.  (Remember Wednesday was as much a practice game for us as it was for the players).

We are looking for people to come forward to take on stewards roles, and if they do commit to this I guarantee that we will provide proper training – on the flip side we will also provide these individuals with passes to see the games  – though they may miss some parts of each game as their duties will come first.  Anyone interested?  If not we will need to pay to bring people in – because this is something we must get right.

Even more important and for me the number one position we need to fill at present is what I am calling an ‘Operations Manager’.  This is someone who has responsibility for ensuring each game runs smoothly, that people know what their roles are and what is expected of them and who coordinates across the club on all aspects be it stewarding, catering or police right down to dealing with minor matters such as press passes.  This would also take a lot of pressure off Fingers who has more than enough to do every game.

A year ago the most important roles to fill within the club were Treasurer and Commercial manager.  We have sorted both of those and I think this is our next priority.  I would welcome anyone who is interested to get in touch with me (or any other board member) and I am happy to discuss what might be involved.

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