It has all worked out for one man

Well done to Richard Barnard I say.

Remember him, he started in goal for us in the Watford friendly although he got injured during the first half.

Richard was a keeper we had tracked for some time and when we agreed to sign him for a reasonable wage (for us) we were delighted.

Then events took over, he got injured and then first Luke Woods came in and then Sean Thomas returned to us.  So now we had an embarrassment of riches in last season’s problem position.

Richard got a call from John Hollins to see if he could fill in for Weymouth in a pre-season game as the Blue South Premier side’s keeper was injured.  He did well and was offered a deal though initially not a contract meaning that when the Weymouth keeper came back Richard might be quickly dispensed.

However, his performances in the Blue Square Premier impressed and he has now signed a one year contract, earning a basic wage over 3 times what he would have earned at Wealdstone – and that is not including bonuses etc.

Hopefully everyone wins.  We have two great keepers and Richard has a fantastic opportunity.

Good luck Richard.

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